Houston Photographer Donavon Smith






2001 Cadillac STS




2001 Cadillac STS
As Advertised; Style, Speed, Distinction, Comfort, Spacious Passenger Cabin




2011 Cadillac SRX
No Style, No Speed, No Distinction, No Comfort, Cramped Passenger Cabin




Dawn Patrol
No Mosquito Escapes Alive




Batteries Not Included
1961 Kodak "Brownie" Hand-Wind Spring-Activated 8mm Movie Cam




F-86 Sabre  Tail No. 25222
Chambley AFB, France   1956




Achetée à Paris en 1958



Garage Guardian




Fender Stratocaster:  Ageless, Iconic




Mid-Century Modern




Butch Theiss (R) - Klein H. S. Football Star, Cowboy, Rancher, Gentleman, Philanthropist




"Galveston, Oh Galveston, I Still Hear Your Sea Winds Blowing..."
Glenn Campbell, 1969




Night Lights
The Strand at Galveston




What Beer Tub Looks Like After Four Beers
Drink Responsibly




Modesty Under Lights




Circa 1947:  Sixty Years Before The Apple iPhone




Circa 1947:  Thirty-One Years Before The First Personal Computer




Do Not Be Afraid   We Come in Peace




Violin Virtuoso Annie Ford




All-Original '73 Pontiac Le Mans Convertible
RIP, Mike




Working Man by Day      Garage Band Rock Star by Night




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